Zimbabwe is known for its scenic landscapes and diverse wildlife it is also the home of the very famous world heritage site, Victoria Falls. The Falls is a must see in Zimbabwe, it is 1700 m wide and around 100 m high, this is the world’s largest sheet of falling water and a memorable sight on any African Safari, that i visited it two days in a row.

 You can do many adventurous activities in Zimbabwe from bungee jumping to white-water rafting downstream the Zambezi river home to many hippos and alligators.

 I did a gorge swing and it was exhilarating but so amazing, it was such a rush free falling 70 meters into the gorge then enjoying the gorgeous views swinging and being pulled back up.  I also went on a sunset river cruise, in which I enjoyed a few beverages with friends while enjoying the scenery of the Zambezi river and the wildlife that was on offer, I saw many hippos and alligators on this tour.

In Zimbabwe I had a fantastic walk with a pair of lions, I was able to get really close to them and got to pat them. The guides who accompanied me made sure I got plenty of time with the lions and they took plenty of photographs with my camera. The walk with the lions was the highlight of my entire life! It was so spectacular to experience these majestic animals in their own environment and not drugged like the tigers in Thailand that you can also touch. For years I have been going on how much I wanted to get to Africa and touch a real lion, I finally did it and could not be any happier. I would totally recommend it and its well worth the money especially knowing that some of the profits go towards lion research.