La Tomatina: An Insight into a Day at Spain’s Most Epic Festival [Video Blog]

Who doesn’t like the idea of a massive food fight, right?  Well, we were lucky enough to experience this tomato fest last year in the quiet city of Bunol, Spain. The festival was definitely one of the funniest, yet strange event we’ve ever been too. The day is full of atmosphere, sangria, jamon and is definitely an overload to the senses, but if you are determined to attend prepare yourself to find pieces of tomato in all sorts of creases and crevices for days. So to give you an insight into what to expect on the day, we have created a short video blog showcasing the highlights of the day at the worlds largest food fight.

If our video isn’t enough, we have also developed the Ultimate La Tomatina Survival Guide, which outlines 9 key tips to ensure you get the most out of the day and don’t make the same mistakes we did.

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